Publish on HQROOM

If you would like your project to be published on, you can send us a link or a preview to Please, make sure there are photos and a brief description of the project. If our editors accept your project for publication, they will get in touch with you to request an additional information.

We do not set strict requirements to the context of projects, but we always welcome modern and interesting works with unusual stylistic solutions and design items. If your project is all about bright ideas and is able to excite readers curiosity, and if the materials meet all the technical requirements of our editorial department, then it will definitely appear on

Project Requirements

Photo Requirements:

  • high resolution images (1600px minimum width);
  • no watermarks, text and logo overlays.

Content Requirements:

  • name of object;
  • location of object;
  • date completed;
  • customer information;
  • object area;
  • site plan;
  • design features;
  • materials and furniture used.

Information on architects and designers:

  • design firm;
  • name of designer;
  • official website URL;
  • facebook page address;
  • photo credits.